Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My daughter's top 20 bottom 10

Here's what I think she'd list:

TOP 20
1. Cinderella
2. Ariel/Jasmine (tie)
3. watching TV or movies
4. being able to reach the light switch
5. slobbery kisses from my baby brother
6. doing my own seatbelt
7. wearing fast shoes
8. bubbles
9. cooking with Mom
10. green noodles (pesto sauce)
11. playing board games with someone
12. being read to
13. playing tea party
14. being silly with Dad
15. playing hide-and-seek
16. cookies with m&m's in them
17. shopping
18. dancing
19. when my brother smiles at me
20. working in the garden with Mom

1. getting in trouble
2. bugs
3. eating food that's green (apart from green noodles)
4. scary dreams
5. ponies
6. flying kites
7. going to bed
8. turning off the tv
9. potty accidents
10. not getting my way


Amanda said...

ok exchange "baby brother" in number 5 for Troy and THAT'S MY LIST.

I could never decide between Ariel and Jasmine and I HATE getting in trouble.

That's so cute. I think I need to do that with my kids every year to capture those crazy obsessions and see how their tastes change (or don't).

Andrea :) said...

Amen to the pony fear, Livi. :) What a cute list!

Lahdeedah said...

Cute list.

Will probably steal it.

I'd have to add 'structure' to the boys' bottom ten and 'making mommy pay for pee wee sports and then sitting on the blanket with her rather than playing' as a top ten.