Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Gravy

People refer to something good that is additional or unexpected as "gravy." My husband would disagree though. He thinks gravy is what ties everything together. He makes dishing up a plate on Thanksgiving into an art (modern art). The turkey goes next to the pile of mashed potatoes, which are next to the stuffing and then he unifies it all by smothering it liberally with gravy (and sprinkling corn on top). Every bite he puts on his fork has a little bit of everything in it.

Before I met him I was always careful to compartmentalize my Thanksgiving dinner - I'd dish it up making sure nothing touched, and then eat each side dish completely before moving on to the next. Turkey - here. Corn - there. Stuffing - no thanks. I'd carefully indent the mashed potatoes to contain all of the gravy, and then eat them last, so that when the reservoir broke and the gravy spilled out, the rest of my food wasn't contaminated. I would have loved eating Thanksgiving dinner on those plastic plates with the different compartments.

Is it progress to not mind when your food touches? I like to think so. A bite of mashed potatoes really does taste good with a little bit of turkey and corn with it. And I actually like stuffing now that I put some gravy on it. Instead of eating each dish separately, I enjoy the way all of the foods compliment each other, and it's the gravy that ties it all together.

I don't really have a plan for this blog. In some ways it's just bonus, something I wasn't expecting to ever do, but it seems like fun and I hope it will help with my writing. In other ways, I can see it becoming a way to find a common thread in my life, something that will tie together all of the crazy, randomness. Gravy.