Wednesday, February 08, 2012

More Christmas Elf

I know the holidays are long past, but if I don't post these now I may never do it. Here are some more photos of the shenanigans Roger the Elf was involved in...

Roger's birthday (12/12)  I found the idea for the cake on the same site as the tiny donuts:

Roger teaching the toys about Christmas

Even elves must heed the call of nature.  (This didn't work as well as I wanted.  The green was gone by morning.)

This was fun - Roger brought the whole family tickets to a hockey game.  He is wearing one of Ken's shirts, along with a hockey pin.

Feeling a little homesick, Roger spent the night in the freezer.  His scarf is just a piece of napkin with stripes drawn on with a marker.

Feeling a little under the weather.

Roger got to play in real snow at Grandma's house.  See his footprints and snow angel?  It was below freezing that night, brrr!

There were quite a few times towards the end of December that the kids woke up to treats or little toys, especially once we went to Grandma's and there were a bunch of cousins to join the fun.

Roger got in a toy sled on Christmas Eve and caught a ride back to the North Pole with Santa.  Just this morning though, Alex said, "Mom, what did you do with Roger?"  I said he went to the North Pole and Alex said, "But Mom, he's not real!  Where is he really?"  :)

Click HERE to see pictures of Roger's first couple of weeks at our house.