Thursday, December 08, 2011

Roger the Elf

Roger is a Christmas elf that lives at our house and watches the kids during the day, then gets into mischief while everyone is asleep. He also reports back to Santa and makes naughty/nice recommendations to the big man.

I picked up a little DIY foam elf kit and the kids helped me put it together. We've been having fun with Roger the Elf ever since. Here are some of his adventures:

Made lunches for the kids of ridiculous foods

Played a board game with Barbie and Superman
Fell in love

Went on a few dates and left photos for the kids to find

Sprinkled flour around his house (it's a Santa's Workshop box of Kleenix) and made snow angels
Toilet papered the kids' rooms

Decorated our Christmas town with their underwear

Invited the kids to a tea party

The donut tea party is my favorite so far, those donuts were so tiny and cute!  I made them out of Fruity Cheerios dipped in chocolate syrup/sprinkles, powdered sugar and cinnamon.  Idea here: Emma's Tiny Treats.

Most of these ideas only took me a minute, and when I'm really feeling lazy I just leave 2 Hershey kisses at Roger's feet.  They like those mornings as much as they like his escapades. 

Click HERE for my second post on Roger's adventures.

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Andrea :) said...

What a fun thing to do! Love that Roger Elf. Maybe his cousin will have to come visit our house. ;)