Friday, April 11, 2008

What Good Looks Like

A year ago at work everyone got a poster that showed, "What Good Looks Like" (WGLL) for their own position. Lately I've been wondering WGLL for the Mom Career Path.

There's the obvious: Love, provide, teach, be an example, listen.

But do any of us really feel like we're doing enough? How many of us feel like WGLL is a clean house, tidy kids, cookies from scratch, well-balanced meals made with organic food and humanely raised animals, good manners, making sock puppets which star in plays? Shakespeare plays. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but not much.

Let me tell you about WGLL around here. Me getting dressed before noon. My daughter brushing her teeth morning AND night. Or just once. I'll take once! Washing hands after going potty instead of just using hand sanitizer because mom's nursing the baby AGAIN and the faucet sticks too much for daughter to turn on. A game of Candyland. Sloppy kisses and too-tight hugs. Making macaroni and cheese together. Giggling about the baby's loud farts. Pretend picnics and tea parties that last 10 minutes because that's about my limit. No TV before lunch. Lunch. A shower every other day. Holding the baby at night while he sleeps instead of doing the dinner dishes because that's the only alone time I get with him. Laughing.

Why do we as women put so much pressure on ourselves to be everything? WGLL should be sane, balanced, happy women that enjoy their kids most of the time, don't feel guilty when they don't, and are confident that while maybe they can't do everything, what they are doing is enough.

As I read blogs and chat with friends it really seems like we share so many similar challenges. Why does it have to be competitive for so many women? We need to stick together. We're good moms! So, tell me WG -really- LL at your house.


Lahdeedah said...


Sons half-dressed... if one's in shorts and the other a shirt, I call it an outfit and let it go.

Daughter did he homework without mass angst.

Kitchen is... um... there.

Have food.

Everyone is in bed by 9!

Andrea :) said...

WGLL at our house...
Me showered, dressed and ready for the day by 1 pm.

Daughter dressed and hair done by 1pm.

Dinner made for Cody by the time he gets home at least 3 times a week.

American Idol Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Lots of laughter everyday. :)