Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My duckling's a swan after all

I was looking over my posts about my son and I've really not painted a very attractive picture of him. I've talked about his resemblance to a raccoon, a baby elephant, a tiny old man and a changeling. I've told the public about his earlobe hair and gassiness and then I set him up for the worst pinch of his short life. I think it's about time I say something nice about him!

He's such a patient baby. When he has a stuffy nose he lets me put drops in and doesn't cry. He lets his sister kiss him at least 5,148 times/day without getting fussy about it. He's got the softest hair, amazing blue eyes, and he smells sooo good (most of the time). He's so happy most of the time and almost always gives me coos and special smiles when he sees me.

Someday if he ever reads this blog I hope he's not too mad about the Ugly Baby post. I had to hunt really hard to find those awful photos. I actually think he's a very beautiful baby, and not just because I'm his mom.


Andrea :) said...

Of course Alexander is adorable! And I'm not just a prejudiced Aunt either. :) He looks like such a sweet little guy and I can't wait to meet him!

Kris B said...

I agree...what a handsome little bugger.

Swistle said...

He! is! so! cute! I am going to BITE THOSE CHEEKS NOM NOM NOM

Lahdeedah said...

he's such a beautiful baby.

Then they turn four.