Sunday, March 02, 2008

How do you know if you have an ugly baby?

As a parent, can you truly know if your baby is ugly or not? I'll be honest and say I think most new babies are a little on the wrinkly and scrunchy side. Like baby monkeys or miniaturized old men without their teeth.

Whenever I go out with my 7-week-old baby people tell me how beautiful he is. Do they really mean it or are they bound by social conventions to say he's cute? Of course I agree, but I'm spell-bound just watching my son breathe. His gas smiles have made me cry because I think he's so beautiful. Clearly my opinion on this can't be trusted.

At 7 weeks my poor little guy has baby acne like a teenager, a cradle cap mask around his eyes like a little flaky raccoon, his hair is oily the same day I wash it, he lolls with his tongue out, and his earlobes are noticeably hairy.

He's the most gorgeous baby in the world.

For fun, here's a link to Kramer's reaction to an ugly baby on Seinfeld.


Lahdeedah said...

And Mom,

When I find the one non-washable marker you've forgotten about, the one that dropped down on the floor under the fridge/washer/dryer whatever, and when I write all over the newest fabric, your shoes, the televisin, daddy's laptop, and the door....


that's my way of saying 'and this is for the pics you posted of me on your blog....'

Mark and Jana said...

I was so happy to find your blog! It has been so fun reading it. As always, you can make me laugh. I have always loved your sense of humor and witty personality. I would love to see pictures of you, your husband, and your little girl. I'm so happy for you with the arrival of your little one. He's a keeper.


Melanie said...

I don't believe there is an ugly baby - sure, there ones that are cuter than others, but to me, babies are are the most wonderful things (well, they're not THINGS, but you know what I mean) in the world.

Your little boy is beautiful. I was blessed with 4 girls - no boys.

I'm lahdeedah's friend - that's how I found your blog, in case you were wondering.

Ashley said...

i love your pictures. very reassuring. i am due in 7 weeks and was a little worried about the initial appearance. but after seeing your blog, my fears are gone. he's so adorable. and i love the facial expressions!