Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Time for me to make a few updates on previous entries.

Paper shredder - I am such a sucker. The old shredder broke and I got DH a new shredder for Christmas. He loves it. Apparently it can shred a credit card or CD. It's in the basement though, out of site.

Hair - still going grey. I got my haircut last week though. I took my daughter to Cartoon Cuts for the first time, and they had a special to do both our haircuts for $30. Heck yeah. It's actually a pretty decent haircut too, and DD looks adorable. Now I bet you're wondering - Did she speak English? HA! Never. But she spoke spanish, which I speak too.

Maid - I finally caved and hired a service. They clean twice/month for $85 each time which for now I think is reasonable. For the first time in I don't know how long I'm not stressing about how dirty my house is. It still gets cluttered and messy, but I know it'll get picked up every 2 weeks so we can get our money's worth from the service.

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