Friday, February 15, 2008

Eternal Love Story

This is the true story of what happened to my mom yesterday on Valentine's Day.

My dad died suddenly a few years ago at age 54. He was fine the day before, and then died instantly of an aneurism. It really broke my mom's heart she didn't get to say goodbye to him.

A jewelry store in her hometown hosted a contest this year and contestants had to submit a home-made valentine. My mom made one for my dad. It was simple on the outside, but when she made it her heart was full of the goodbyes and I love you's she didn't get to say.

The jewelry store chose my mom as one of their 12 finalists, and told her she needed to come in for the grand prize drawing. The 12 would all put their name in a hat and the winner would be chosen at random.

All of the finalists would win a really nice box of valentine candy, and the big winner would get a diamond. My mom LOVES diamonds and my dad always wanted to get a nice one for her, but with 4 kids (the youngest was in college when he died) he didn't have money for nice diamonds.

To make a long story short, my mom won! So on the holiday when I know she particularly feels his loss, this year she feels like she was able to give my dad her home-made valentine full of love. And she feels that he gave her a box of chocolates and the diamond he'd always promised her for Valentine's Day.

(Kind of fuzzy, but I don't live close enough to go take a good photo for her.)


Lahdeedah said...

I looove that story.

I'm glad you blogged it, so yu won't forget it.

Kris said...

I love that story too...I emailed it on and so many people have responded to it. So sweet...