Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things I'd like to ask my newborn

Welcome my dear son!

My new little guy has a scrunchy monkey-face, he bites me when he nurses, he screams bloody-murder whenever we change his diaper and he is the love of my life.

Here are some questions I'd like to ask him:

Why do you smack yourself randomly in the face?

*You love the swaddle, you hate it with the burning intensity of a thousand suns. WHICH IS IT?

*What's with all the hiccups? You are like a tiny drunk old man.

What does the squealing baby elephant noise mean?

Do you really STILL think you'll be able to get milk from my cheek after being disappointed every other single time?

No matter how I prop you, you still end up slumped over in your swing. Is this by choice?

* A couple of these questions/answers brought to you by Linda Lee at ParentDish.com.


Lahdeedah said...

Dear Mom,

It's not my fault scrunchy monkey genes exist in the family i was born into.

I'm trying to figure out where my thumb is. I hear all the cool kids suck their thumbs.

I only love the swaddle when I love it. At all other times I hate it with the burning intensity of a thousand suns.

You're asking me what's with the hiccups? What're drinking at night, mom, huh? Tiny drunk old man indeed!

The squealing baby elephant noise means I'd like you to drink more of whatever it is that you were drinking that gives me delightful hiccups.

I'm not trying to get milk from your cheek! I'm just KISSING YOU!!!!

I was not slumping, i was trying to hide from you and that camera you stalk me with.

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