Saturday, July 29, 2006

Maid Update

There are three reasons I'm letting the maid go:

1 - After the first cleaning, she just does surface cleaning. Like, I can spray/wipe the toilet and use a swiffer myself.

2 - She wears totally inappropriate outfits. Last time she was wearing tight jeans and a glittery spaghetti strap tank top and no bra. Good for her that she has a nice body, but when she is so blatant it makes me question her motives.

I could have tolerated the first 2 things a while longer and given her the benefit of the doubt, but the third thing is the real clincher.

3 - After the last time she was here I noticed I was missing some prescription pain killers. I don't know for sure that she took them, but I know I didn't finish them and we haven't had anyone over since the last time I checked the bottle. Also, the bottle was definitely moved during the course of the cleaning, pushed to the back of the top of the fridge and hidden behind some other stuff.

I don't have proof that she took them, but I have too many suspicions to be able to feel comfortable having her over again.

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