Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Maid to Order

I've been looking for someone to help out with cleaning my house, and last week I finally found a listing on Craigslist by a woman offering cleaning services in my area. I was thrilled! Living out in the country, I was sure I'd have to either clean my own bathrooms (read: have messy bathrooms) or pay way too much for a professional service.

So I called her up and set up an appt. for her to come over and look at our place and give me a quote.

I've had a couple of other experiences with house cleaners. They're usually immigrants that don't speak much English and/or are generally unobtrusive, nonthreatening, almost shy. They usually show up in a t-shirt and jeans, don't say much and get right to work.

Well, this new cleaning lady showed up Monday, and ...

Totally Hot.

She wore a cleavage shirt and jewelry and she's tan and has nice hair and a nice bod. She looked and sounded prosperous and educated. She has no kids and probably a very clean house.

But here's the thing - I feel like I should pre-clean for her, because she is too cute to know about our messes. I don't want someone like that to know how sticky my dining room floor gets after DD spends 2 weeks dropping peaches, cooked carrots and oatmeal on it.

This woman is not inconspicuous or anonymous enough to clean houses. She reminds me of the moms in my moms group - the exact women that I don't want to see that I haven't dusted since we moved in, and that my bras are hanging up to dry in the laundry room. I still hired her to come over twice a month to do the kitchen and bathrooms, but somehow her hotness has tainted my happiness at finding a maid service.

At least for once my frugal DH isn't complaining about paying someone money to clean for us. ;)

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