Friday, August 01, 2008

Step Away From the Pillow

One quirk I forgot to mention is my pillow quirk. I think I'm pretty good about sharing things with my family: fries, shoes, showers, attention, cheesecake (though my husband will beg to differ). What I'm not good about sharing is my pillow. I don't like people sleeping on my pillow. Do you know how sweaty and drooly (other) people get at night on their pillows? EW. I also do a lot of pillow flipping during the night because I am definitely a cool side of the pillow kind of person.

My husband was oblivious for years to the depths of my pillow possessiveness. He'd sometimes accidentally fall asleep on it, and when I'd come to bed and see him there on my pillow I'd yank it out from under his head. Then he'd wake up all bleary, grunting, "What.. what.. ugh.. are you okay?" And I'd tell him (well, more like SNAP at him) to go back to sleep.

Last night I stayed up pretty late and I heard my 3-year-old go get in my bed with my husband. I figured she'd be in there on my pillow, but I would try to get it nicely without waking her up. No snatching or snapping. This is personal growth for me. Really. It never even occurred to me until THIS VERY MINUTE to just let her sleep the night on my pillow.

So I went in there to get my pillow back and this is what I found:

And like the Grinch, my withered, dried-up old heart grew three sizes and I let her stay on the pillow.

(Until the flash from the camera made her roll right off and I snatched it before she could roll back onto it.)


Lahdeedah said...

So Aiden hogs my pillow, but... he drools...

I remove him from said pillow and am stuck flipping the warm, sweat-laden pillow around to discover the other half is filled with drool.

SO I flip it over, but... I put my hands under my pillow...onto the sweat-laden and drool-drenched part of the cloth.

It's a no-win situation.

p.s. she is SOOOO freakin' adorable. I love that picture. I love how you captured the cuteness before you snagged the pillow.

it's a no-win situation.

precious1776 said...

Another quirk you forgot to mention is how you don't like to buy the gallons of milk that are dented.

RainyPM said...

That reminds me of a time that a very mean sister went around and dented all the milks in the case.

Becky said...

This is an adorable photo. I'm glad that you grabbed the camera. She is so adorable!