Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Dreams

For so many years as I've watched Olympics I've related with the athletes. After Mary Lou Retton won gold I balance-beamed on curbs and practiced headstands against the wall. I tried to do my hair like Katarina Witt and I think I had a crush on the entire 1984 men's gymnastic team.

This year is the first year I'm not relating with them so much. I think Michael Phelps is cute but SO YOUNG! Dang he makes me feel old. No, I'm thinking about the parents, and all those meets and practices they've taxi'd for and sat through. I'm thinking about how much it must cost, financially and emotionally to raise an Olympian. I'm thinking about how heart-breaking it must be to see your child try and fail so many times.

I also wonder how and when do you know that your child has that kind of talent and dedication? And how much of it starts out with the parent pushing them in that direction?

Seeing as I took my daughter out of ballet and tumbling after one class each because it's obvious she's just not ready, and she still can't swim or ride a bike, I'm not sure we'll be an Olympic family. At least not for the conventional Olympics. I'm still pretty sure I could be a serious threat in a Freecell competition, and my daughter can out-whine your kid any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

What (real or pretend) events can you see your kids competing in?


Lahdeedah said...

Turbo is a diver, even if he STILL won't put his face in the water, or go under, so not the point... he loves jumping and diving, and clearly, diving into couch cushions amounts to the same thing.

Bear is going to astound on the rings in men's gymnastics, if, and this is big, I can get him out of bed for the 9:15 tumblebear class that will TOTALLY make him....

Lauren was totally going to do floor mats, but she's afraid of the high beam, so maybe not so much.

Amanda said...

I think my oldest daughter would take gold AND silver in the competition for biggest morning-back-of-the-head-hair-knot-wad competition.

My son would win gold for his arm-flapping whine-n-run resist-taking-a-shower routine.

Finally, my youngest daughter would sweep the competition in an eating contest that included such events as "Who can sit for the longest with a lump of meat in her cheek" or "Who can get the most food in their hair."

Mark and Jana said...

My little Kaleb, who is four, has been fascinated with all of the swimming during the Olympics. We were at the pool the other day and he would stand on the steps and get in the ready position. I then could hear him say, "Ready....Go!" He would then dive headfirst into the water and swim. He did it the whole time he was in the pool. Even if he won't be an Olympian at least we'll have one out of our four that has any coordination. :)