Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Weight Watchers Week 3

Here's my progress so far:

Week 1: -2 lbs
Week 2: -2.6 lbs
Week 3: -2.2 lbs

Go me! That's 6.8 lbs. The best part is I don't really feel like I'm on a diet. I'm just not denying myself THAT much. To me diets are about starvation, self-deprivation, and cheating. But on WW I have complete control. If I want cheesecake then I can have it, I just have to balance it with the rest of what I eat. There's a big difference between feeling deprived and feeling in control. Plus, how many diets will let you eat McDonalds for lunch (well, now and then) and still lose 2 lbs/week?

I think I've always approached every meal like it's my last. Pizza is definitely something I crave that I find challenging to eat in moderation. One thing a friend said has really been a huge help with that. She said that whatever it is will still be there next time I want it, so just wait.

Sounds simple, right?

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