Thursday, August 25, 2011

Be Super!

Tomorrow Olivia starts second grade and Alex starts preschool, so it's a big day for both of them.  I know they're a little apprehensive and I wanted to do something fun and memorable to help them get ready.

A blogger I've long admired writes every year about her family's back-to-school traditions.  I followed her example and planned a family dinner with fun decorations, home-made crowns, fresh flowers, and a family motto for 2011.
Coming up with a motto was easier than I thought it would be:  Alex loves superheroes and makes us all "play Batman" with him, and Mike and I work at a game company that makes a superhero game.  I knew I wanted to encourage the kids to do their best, and eventually ended up with our family motto for this school year:  Be Super!

Dinner was simple, just pesto over tortellini (it's their favorite), and we talked about ways they can, "Be Super," this year at school.

The sides of the crowns didn't stay glued down, but the kids were both thrilled to get to wear a crown during dinner, and I wouldn't be surprised if Alex wants to wear his to school.

Tomorrow when the kids walk out the door they'll see this little reminder on the wall:

And when they get to school they'll find this caped crusader in their lunch:


Andrea :) said...

What a great idea! I love how creative and fun you are. :)

Lynzee said...

You're an awesome mom! Wish I'd thought of that fun and engaging idea when Harrison started school. Hope the kids had a "super" day!