Thursday, April 09, 2009

Shopping in Belgium

Long before I went to Belgium or even thought I might go someday, I fell in love with a Dutch children's clothing designer. You can buy the clothes online, but I don't think they carry them in stores here.

As soon as I knew we were going, I looked up where their stores are in Belgium and there was one just 20 minutes from my brother's house! My sister-in-law Becky took Olivia and I one morning and we had so much fun.

Here's the dress we got. It was exactly what I was hoping to find and she loves it, so it was worth the splurge.

That day Becky also took us to the grocery store and to a chocolate store. Yum! That evening we celebrated my nephew Austin's 5th birthday. It was so great to be there on his special day. Becky made him a colorful Diego cake, and he loved his presents. He even picked my favorite meal for his birthday dinner - chicken and broccoli. Happy birthday, buddy!

Click HERE for my next post about our final full day in Belgium, when we went to Brugge.


Liz said...

Holy cute clothes, batman - I think I need that website!!

Andrea :) said...

That dress is the cutest! Livi is even cuter! Glad you guys got to go shopping and find a great dress! :)

Allie "want to type" so: jhhj s5yhllyhyyy65t

...which roughly translated means she loves you guys! :)

Becky said...

I love your photos! I had a ton of fun with you shopping and love what you chose. It was funny that the store lady was surprised at how well the underskirt, which was another brand than the dress,went so well with the outfit. She is adorable!

I wish my computer would let me get photos so that I could get caught up on my blogging. I love reading yours.

Love ya!

Mark and Jana said...

The outfit you picked so absolutely adorable! Your little girl is also very adorable!

Lynzee said...

That can't be my little Olivia... something in Europe must have made her all grown up! Tell her not to get too much bigger before I see her again. ;)