Monday, October 02, 2006

Long Enough Jeans

Long enough jeans are something most people take for granted. Try finding jeans with a 36" inseam in a plus size though! I wear capris all summer and in the winters I have to wear dress pants or else jeans that are slightly, (like an inch) too short. I finally got some long jeans though, and I love going barefoot in them and seeing just my toes peeking out. I could wear a heel with them and it would look right, and I'm no longer seeing glimpses of my socks when I walk by a full-length mirror.

I wore them out shopping on Saturday and it rained. The back of the jeans by my foot got wet from puddles and slapped against my heel. It was uncomfortable, but I was happy about it. I never knew that happened. It's like a whole new pants world out there now.

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Lahdeedah said...

I'm like that Capt. Picard blogger, a comment a day!

So no, seriously, what I wanted to tell you, that I always ALWAYS loved about jeans being long (because with a whole whoppin' 60 inches of height, ALL jeans are long) is the toe peek-a-boo. Not only does it hide the chubby pudgy stubby rest of my feet, but it hides the fact I have chubby pudgy toes a little. (I seriously have little piggie toes... Erik does much mocking)So I am totally with you on long jeans, albeit more of necessity....